Our commitments

  • The Puppy Yoga Club is committed to providing a safe and appropriate environment for the practice of Puppy Yoga by making the well-being of puppies and participants its priority.

  • Our team consists of qualified and certified yoga teachers , accompanied by professional breeders.

  • We ensure that participants respect hygiene instructions as well as the rhythm and desires of the puppies (games, cuddles, rest).

  • During each session, participants have the opportunity to share 30 minutes with the puppies. Outside of these moments, the little ones relax and play in a space dedicated to them. For their well-being, they benefit from at least 45 minutes of rest and tranquility between sessions.

  • Puppies present are at least 8 weeks old, weaned and ready for adoption.
    They are vaccinated and show no symptoms of any illness .

  • Puppies' normal feeding and water consumption schedule is respected.
    Puppies eat and drink according to their usual schedule.

  • The socialization of puppies is the main challenge of our partner breeders. Their participation has no commercial aim.

  • We are happy to donate part of the income generated to the association “Les Amis Des Animaux” which works for the most needy dogs and cats.