Puppy Yoga: Gimmick or Real Well-being Practice?

Puppy Yoga: Gimmick or Real Well-being Practice?

In a world where stress and burnout are only increasing, the quest for well-being takes an increasingly central place in our lives, making our physical and mental health a priority.

Thus, new concepts are emerging and seeking to capture our attention by promising THE well-being solution.

Among them, Puppy Yoga is positioned at the front of the most popular practices, an experience supposedly rich in emotions ranging from appeasement to a feeling of deep well-being.

But beyond the phenomenal enthusiasm it arouses…

What really is this new practice? Does it present a real benefit for our well-being or is it just a passing trend?

The proven benefits of Puppy Yoga:

- Timeless moment, Relaxation and Dopamine Boost

The spontaneous affection of little puppies (known for their ability to reduce stress and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine ) combined with the benefits of Yoga, generates a real feeling of calm and well-being .

“It’s the best thing that’s happened to me in my life. Honestly, I had a blast, it felt so good!” - Julie, 26 years old

“It’s calming and it changes the things I can do.” Karine, 60 years old

“I feel so relaxed and happy, I would like to come back every day! It is magic !" Emma, ​​17 years old

- Introduction to a new practice and Improvement of physical health

For most, coming to Puppy Yoga is synonymous with initiation to the practice .

It is therefore thanks to the originality of this experience that participants discover the recognized benefits of Yoga : flexibility, muscle strengthening, improvement of balance, reduction of physical pain, reduction of stress, letting go... (not to mention mention just a few).

- Moment of sharing

Puppy yoga sessions create a friendly and relaxed environment, encouraging spontaneous exchanges between participants.

- Therapeutic experience

Several of our participants told us they came for an astonishing reason: FEAR OF DOGS ! And yes, the contact with the little puppies was intended to familiarize them and reduce their apprehension in the face of the adult animal.

“I started Puppy Yoga because I'm basically afraid of dogs! It's done and a success! The puppies are so cute and the yoga is great! Thank you, thanks to you I finally faced my fear! "-Anne, participant

So, is puppy yoga just a fad? Although its innovative and playful aspect may make it appear as a simple gimmick, the testimonials and studies on the benefits of the practice of yoga coupled with the presence of animals suggest the opposite.

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