Is Puppy Yoga good for puppies?

Is Puppy Yoga good for puppies?


At Puppy Yoga Club, we welcome puppies aged 8 to 12 weeks, the ideal age to get out of the house and discover the world around them. It is in a safe and supervised space that they are exposed for the first time to a new environment and different types of people. Puppies become more confident and open to others, they will arrive in their new families balanced and full of confidence!

Nadine, breeder and dog trainer in Lille

“In terms of socialization it’s extraordinary, frankly there’s no photo!”

Sarah, breeder in Toulouse

“The puppies are less timid, less fearful , they go more towards the families when they come to see them”

Physical expenditure

Our Puppy Yoga sessions allow puppies to exercise, play and receive all the attention and affection they demand.

“They are full of energy and just ask for it. It's perfect here, they play, they exercise... Look how they wag their tails, they are delighted ! We don’t have time to give them that much attention.” - Anthony, breeder, Paris

“The puppies are working out well , we noticed at the end of our first session that they were really calmer. ” - Nadine, breeder and dog trainer, Lille

Getting to know the car

Our partner breeders live in peripheral regions of the towns where the sessions take place. This is an opportunity for baby dogs to slowly begin to acclimatize to car journeys.

“Before puppy yoga sessions, I prepare them in the car. They fall asleep then we begin the 30 minute drive. It also allows them to start getting used to the car .”- Nadine, breeder and dog trainer

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