How to socialize your puppy?

How to socialize your puppy?

Being able to go everywhere with your companion well in hand?

For your dog to be happy, balanced and able to adapt to all the situations of daily life, it is essential that he is well socialized.
This way, he will be confident, open to others and he will be able to follow you everywhere, with complete peace of mind!

Start early…
The optimal period for socializing a puppy is between 2 and 16 weeks of age.
This is when he is most receptive to new experiences, which will have a lasting impact on his future behavior.

But then, how to socialize your puppy?

Socializing a puppy involves exposing and familiarizing him to a variety of people, animals, situations and environments.
The goal is to ensure that the puppy becomes an adult dog who is confident in all types of situations and able to interact with the world around him.

You can start by making a list of situations you want to familiarize him with such as:

  • Meet people of different ages, sizes, and appearances.
  • Introduce your puppy to other animals , always in a controlled manner.
  • Take it to different environments such as parks, shops, noisy urban areas, etc.
  • Get him used to various noises such as household appliances, vehicles, children playing, etc.

To do this, know that the more fun and positive the new experience is, the more beneficial it will be for the puppy.

Here are some tips for optimal socialization:

Through the GAME and the REWARD system

Socialization through play is an extremely effective and rewarding way to help puppies cope with the unknown while having fun.

Play in different environments, with various toys (emitting different sounds for example) and with all types of people.

Organizing games with other dogs (already socialized) can also help the puppy become comfortable with peers of different ages and sizes.

Using rewards (treats, praise, etc.) when your puppy shows an appropriate attitude is a very good way to encourage him and reinforce desired behaviors.


It is important that the dog has its first experiences in an environment where it feels safe , and where it can take refuge if it wants.

Start with a short, light exposure while associating it with a pleasant moment and then increase the intensity little by little depending on the puppy's reaction.

For example: put a thunderstorm noise at a relatively low volume while the puppy is eating or playing (pleasant activity) then increase the sound as you go.

To avoid over-stimulation , be careful not to expose him to too many new stimuli at once. Give him time to rest between each new situation and listen to him. If a puppy seems tired, stressed, or disinterested, it's time to take a break.

Being around well-socialized ADULT DOGS

Well-socialized adult dogs are the best role models for our little ones. They will know how to demonstrate the behavior to adopt in various situations. In particular, you can go to dog parks, where your puppy will meet dogs of all breeds and sizes and will learn to behave alongside them.

*If you are having difficulty socializing a puppy, do not hesitate to contact a professional trainer who will be able to help you.

As a bonus, our breeder Anthony tells us about socialization:

Anthony, breeder in the Paris region

"At the Puppy Yoga Club the environment is safe, supervised and full of love. Interaction with participants of various shapes and ages is done through games and by following the rhythm and desires of the puppies."

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