How does puppy socialization work at Puppy Yoga Club?

How does puppy socialization work at Puppy Yoga Club?

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At the Puppy Yoga Club, we welcome weaned and vaccinated puppies aged at least 8 weeks , the minimum legal age to start leaving their kennel and discover the world!

It's the time for the little ones to extend their socialization outside of breeding and to live new experiences in optimal conditions!

But… Does Puppy Yoga provide suitable conditions for socializing puppies?

A safe and supervised space.

At the Puppy Yoga Club, meeting puppies takes place in a safe and supervised space.

We work hand in hand with Mama Shelter Hotels , renowned for their young, dynamic character and above all: DOG FRIENDLY!

Our rooms are spacious , clean and perfectly suited to welcoming children.

On site, our teams are trained to supervise the sessions and ensure the safety and well-being of the little ones. Our managers, yoga teachers and partner breeders communicate our instructions to participants and ensure their application.

The long-awaited moment has arrived!

The yoga practice lasts 30 minutes, during which the little ones are apart in a space reserved for them. Then comes the moment of meeting between the puppies and the participants 😍

The discovery of a new space, new smells and new people of all ages and shapes constitutes a particularly enriching social experience for them.


Socialization through play is an extremely effective way to help puppies face the unknown with joy and fun. How to socialize your puppy?

At the Puppy Yoga Club, our breeders provide their toys to make the meeting easy and fun. In addition, there is no need to remind you that at the Puppy Yoga Club, the kindness and affection of the participants towards the puppies (and vice versa) goes beyond any category! Babies get all the attention and love they ask for.

“Here it's perfect, they play, they exercise... Look how they wag their tails, they are delighted ! We don’t have time to give them that much attention.” - Anthony, breeder, Paris

Respecting the rhythm of puppies

At Puppy Yoga Club, respecting the rhythm of puppies is our priority.

The exchange between the babies and the participants lasts a maximum of 25 minutes. The rest of the time, they rest and play with each other in a space dedicated to them.

Participants are asked to remain attentive to the wishes and needs of the puppies and our team is there to ensure that the exchange takes place gently and respectfully.

Puppies are free to interact with participants or stay quiet to the side.

If you also want to participate in a session and help socialize some very cute puppies, sign up! ☀️

Sarah, breeder in Toulouse

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